Substance Abuse Treatment

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Substance Abuse Treatment in Scotch Plains, NJ - Garden State Family Care Scotch Plains

Substance Abuse Treatment

Garden State Family Care Scotch Plains provides treatment for individuals suffering from Alcoholism and substance abuse. Every patient behaves different to addiction and need individualized treatment plan.

Substance Abuse Treatment Q & A

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I went to Garden State Family Care Scotch Plains to get laser hair removal and it was a great experience. Dr. Mehta performed the procedure for me and she was so gentle and explained everything for me in detail and she made me feel comfortable. The whole procedure was painless and fast. After the laser hair removal my legs are smooth and i will definitely be going back!!!! Definitely worth the visit

Telesee Moreno


This is the first time for me to get laser hair removal done. It is such a wonderful experience. Dr Mehta is very gentle, calm , professional and highly knowlagable. She explained to me each and every step during and before treatment. I loved it and coming back here for my future treatments.

I highly recommend this practice and Dr Mehta if you want any aesthetic treatment done for your self.

maitri kansara