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No matter your age, physicals are essential to effective preventive care and optimizing your health. Schools, sports activities, and employers all require physicals to ensure you’re healthy enough to go to school, participate in a sport, or work. Pooja Mehta, MD, at Garden State Family Care in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, offers a variety of physicals to identify and treat health issues before they worsen. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Physicals Q & A

What are physicals?

There are several types of physicals offered at Garden State Family Care.

Everyone should get an annual physical, also referred to as the annual wellness exam. Furthermore, there are several specialized physicals for participating in sports, attending school, and getting a job.

What are the different types of physicals?

There are five types of physicals offered at Garden State Family Care:


Annual physical

Preventive health care is based on the results of your annual physical as it lets your doctor assess your health even if you don’t have any symptoms. Each year, you visit your doctor for a review of your medical history and to discuss any symptoms.

Vital signs, height, weight, and blood work confirm you’re in good health or alert Dr. Mehta to potential health problems in need of treatment. Early detection of disease is the best way to prevent more severe health problems or to prevent a disease from progressing.


Sports physical

High school, college, and professional athletes may need sports physicians to participate. The exam considers your overall fitness level and mental health, while also looking for any health issue that could cause potential injury.


School physical

During a school physical, Dr. Mehta completes a full physical exam, including an observation of developmental, emotional, and social well-being. School physicals commonly involve:

  • Blood pressure screening
  • Immunizations
  • Vision screening
  • Hearing screening
  • Wellness evaluation

Dr. Mehta also discusses the importance of a healthy diet and the need for exercise during the school physical.


Pre-employment physical

Many employers require a pre-employment physical before you can start working. The exam consists of an alcohol test, urine sample, and a physical exam to determine if you’re healthy enough to perform the responsibilities of the job.

Pre-employment physicals are common for construction and warehouse workers and help employers reduce job-related injuries and decrease health care costs. Garden State Family Care has the state-of-art equipment required to meet state health and fitness requirements.


Medical surveillance exam for lead or asbestos

Construction workers periodically need testing for lead and asbestos at the start of a job and upon completion.

Do I need an appointment for a physical?

School, sports, and annual physicals require an appointment. Garden State Family Care offers pre-employment physicals on a walk-in basis in the full-service clinic and extended hour availability for convenience.

If you need a physical, call Dr. Mehta at Garden State Family Care to schedule an appointment or book your appointment online.

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